Vehicle Gauge NOR Flash Chip of Series

The product is listed in Intel Global Vendor Specific Component Capabilities (VSCC) directory.

Product Features

Highest performance serial flash memory

More than 100,000 erase/programming cycles.
More than 20 years of data retention.

Efficient “continuous read”

Read consecutively, 8/16/32/64 byte newlines.
Only 8 clocks are needed to address memory.

Flexible architecture

Unified sector of 4K-Byte.
A unified block of 32K or 64K bytes.
Supports erasing, program suspension, and recovery functions.

Low power consumption, wide temperature range

Supports deep hibernation energy saving mode. Power off <3μA>(Typical value).
Supports -40°C to +85°C, 105°C, and 125°C multiple work scopes.

Advanced Security Features

A 128-bit or 64-bit unique ID for each device.
3X1024 or 3X 256 bytes security register with OTP lock.
Software and hardware write protection.
The discoverable parameter (SFDP) register.

Flexible packaging form

8-pin SOIC / VSOP 208-mil
8-pad WSON

Product Introduction

  • High reliability, low power consumption, fast data exchange speed, wide temperature range.
  • The product has been listed in Intel Global Vendor Specific Component Function (VSCC) list, suitable for a variety of master control chip designs.
  • Adopt domestic mature technology, with independent and controllable capacity advantage.

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